Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo/three week update

I'm finally getting around to uploading the Sanborn camera photos from Sofia's birth. They'll be mixed in with all the other "Sofia's Arrival" photos.

Sofia is doing great. At two weeks she was expected to be back up her original birth weight, seven pounds and ten ounces, but she was nearly a whole pound over that. The doctors seem very pleased with her progress. At three weeks now she is still sleeping through most of the night on most nights. There have been a couple of nights in the last week or so that have been a little rougher on Jessica, though, where Sofia was waking up every hour or so.

Sunday Jessica and I bought a breast pump off of Craigslist for $100 that normally retails for $250. It's working great. Yesterday was Sofia's first day using a bottle of breast milk, and she took to it pretty quickly. We have two different types of bottles, with one being faster than the other, and the doctor's advice about slower bottles being better is proving true. Thus far, Sofia seems to be less cranky after using the slower bottle.

In the last week two more friends, Jamal and Aaron, have been over to see Sofia. Neither cared to hold her.

The night before last Sofia had a hard time slowing down at bedtime until I got some drum practice in, at which point she was out. Last night we had Anissa and Doug over to play some Rock Band, and Sofia slept through most of that. She loves music.

I think that is all for right now.

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