Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sofia's four month check up is next Monday. She'll get her second round of immunizations which will be Mommy's first round (James took her last time so this will be the first time I have to experience the screaming).

I'm anxiously anticipating her progress report: weight, height, and head percentiles. At Sofia’s two month check up she was almost 13 pounds. Very healthy. She registered in the 90th percentile for weight, and the 97th percentile for height, so her 13 pounds were balanced by her height. She grows every day! Sometimes a lot. She is growing out of her 3-6 month outfits daily and comfortably fits into 6-month onsies. Sofia has always been a very good eater. At first that was a sense of relief, but as time went on I've started to grow concerned. I look forward to hearing the Doctor tell me if I should be concerned or not. I need to hear it from her mouth.

This is the first example of me putting off my issues onto Sofia (I think). I have always been overweight. I see pictures of myself as a young child and don't look overly chubby, but I don't remember ever not thinking I was. My weight is something that I have always been self conscious of and felt the most self loathing over. I don't want to pass that on to my daughter. The fact that I see myself doing it already is enough to make me sick. What scares me more than her being overweight is me being the one to make her conscious of it.

I politely correct people who admire my "fat" baby, by saying "healthy". I know that no one means to be offensive; it is cute to see a baby with rolls and dimples. Eventually, though, chubbiness becomes less socially acceptable and while the tone changes, the comments don't.

How do I stop?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photos Updated

I've spent the better part of 2 days uploading photos. I discovered we'd missed some old ones and went searching. I put the sets in chronological order so new uploads will not be the top sets on the stream. Sorry for the confusion. Hopefully by Sunday evening, I will have all the pictures caught back up. Thanks for looking and sharing our life...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sofia's first web video is done!

This is Sofia's Youtube channel. You'll also notice a link to the right.

I'm working on a Sofia video today

We shot some footage of the family at Olan Mills and I hope to edit it into a sort of preview for the photos. As soon as it's done I will get somewhere with a faster internet connection so we can upload it for everyone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Olan Mills

Sofia had her first professional photo shoot yesterday. We went to the Olan Mills studio inside of K Mart. Grandma Sandy wanted some pictures with her grandchildren so we dressed up Sofia in her best party dress (a gift from Great Aunt Selma) and helped Kate pick out a beautiful dress with yellow flowers. Our appointment was at 3:30 and we arrived just in time. Fortunately, the photographer was with another client so I had time to take Sofia into the changing room for a quick nursing session.

She'd been really fussy for me all weekend. Sofia's fussy is honestly not that bad for your average 3-month old, but for her it was the worst I've seen. Sofia inherited her Mommy's mood swings and all weekend she'd switch back and forth from being her happy little self and a truly unsatisfied baby. She didn't enjoy nursing from Friday on and had to be starving. I finally gave her some rice cereal on Saturday night and she gobbled it down like a pro (Mommy was proud), then nursed for a long time before falling asleep. I thought we'd cleared the hump, but then it was back to what I dubbed "irritability at the boob" on Sunday. We came to the conclusion that she must be teething; Lord knows she's drooling enough for that to be a solid guess.

Anyway, we snuck in a quick session then reported for our shoot. Sofia took some solo shots first. The photographer figured it would be best to get her alone while she was the most content. She took some really cute shots and gave the photographer a lot to work with; all was going well...until we decided to try some shots on her tummy. This child hates being on her tummy! The doctors recommend tummy time every day to build muscles as well as promote a well shaped head and it's a challenge every time we do it. Sofia is a very agreeable baby, except during tummy time, that is. She doesn't cry, it's more like she's yelling at you, letting you know how much tummy time sucks.We took some photos of Sofia, James, and I next. The Peach Family. Then Grandma Sandy and cousin Kate took some shots with Sofia. At this point, Kate took a couple of solo shots. Kate had done really well sharing the attention up until this point but let us know that she was ready for her moment in the spotlight. That girl can assume a pose better and more on demand than the contestants on Next Top Model. Mom, Sofia, and I took a three-generation shot that I'll cherish forever. By this point, Sofie was about smiled out. The photographer was working extra hard to get the smiles that came so easily at first. I did learn that my daughter is ticklish in her underarms (those were really big smiles accompanied by belly laughs). Sofia let us know she was over it and I held her until she fell asleep. The photographer helped another client pick out her package while Sofia slept. Before she diverted her attention from us, she snapped a great shot of me looking down at my baby in my arms. It may be my favorite of the day...
After the short catnap, Sofia was ready for a few more pictures. We got the close-ups of her hands and feet. What is it about baby feet that are so darn precious? Sofia's are so funny; she has the longest toes i have ever seen on a baby (inherited from her father).

It took quite a while to pick out my favorites and place my order. The photographer captured 98 shots and I ordered 11 of them. Olin Mills is very reasonably priced and they run great specials. For example, they advertised a newborn baby package that includes one 8x10, two 5x7, and eight wallets for free. Where they get you is they take so many pictures and so many are so great, that you end up purchasing more than you ever intended. So...$100 and two and a half hours later, I have plenty of pictures of my darling to pass out to family and friends.

Her first modeling shoot was a success. She's a natural.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Photos

Finally got caught up to date on uploading all the photos of Sofia thus far onto FlickR. Follow the link on the right to see how the little girl as grown!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New photos of Sofia's pretty dress!

Click here to see them!

Don't forget that you can also click the "Photos" link to the right to check out all of Sofia's photos that have been uploaded!