Friday, October 2, 2009

A little angel

Sofia’s favorite toy right now is a little angel bear. It is about three inches tall and a couple of inches wide, with a yellow sewn on dress and white wings made from a satiny material sprouting out of its back. This little bear was the first toy that she took notice of and still holds her attention the best. As she is working on mastering her hand/eye coordination, this little bear makes her reach out more than any other thing waved in front of her. It is soft enough that she can grasp it with her tiny fingers. Since it is a plush animal, it is light enough that she can bring it to her mouth and chew on it. No other toy brings out Sofia’s smiles like the angel bear.

Angel bear was given to Sofia by her cousin, Kate. Anissa and Kate watch Sofia for us every Saturday. They do a lot of bargain shopping (Anissa gives us “new” clothes for Sofia every time we pick her up). The very first time they watched her, when Sofia was barely six weeks old, Kate gave her the angel bear. Anissa and I agreed that we would leave it at their house so that it was always there for Sofia to play with. Kate was visibly disappointed in our decision and kept telling me that Sofia really wanted to take it home. We tried to explain to her that if we kept it at their house, then she could play with Sofia and the bear every Saturday.

The next weekend, we Peaches went to the Sanborn house for Doug’s birthday cookout. Kate was so very proud of Sofia and wanted to introduce every one of her parents’ friends to “Baby Peach”. It was very sweet to see how much Kate loved her baby cousin. New to balancing parenthood with work, James and I decided to call it an early night. I put Sofia in her car seat, tucked a blanket around her body, and then went out onto the deck to say a quick goodbye to everyone. When I came back inside, Sofia was completely covered up by her blanket, head and all. She wasn’t squirming around enough yet to have done that to herself and I suspected Miss Kate was involved in resituating the blanket (her guilty face lending to my theory). Kate likes to help out and often tries to imitate what the adults do to take care of Sofia. No harm done, so I just grabbed the blanket and was going to resituate it around Sofia without saying anything to Kate. To my surprise, I saw that Kate had not tried to cover Sofia up, but instead was trying to cover up the little angel bear that she had propped under Sofia’s arm. I was very touched by the sweet gesture and looked at Kate. She looked up at me with her huge, soft eyes and said, “She can take it home if she really wants to.”

The little angel bear came home with us that night.

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