Saturday, December 26, 2009

We have loads of new Sofia photos and videos.

Christmas will do that, you know. I've uploaded just a couple of pre-Christmas photos into Flickr and will be collecting and organizing more soon from different cameras. In the meantime, check out Sofia's Flickr page for the newest sets.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stabby time!

Sofia had her six-month checkup today. The stats are as follows:

Weight: 18lbs 7 ounces
Height: 2' 2" (heavily disputed amongst out caregivers)
Head circumference: 17.34"

Our doctor noticed a sizable change in the percentile for Sofia's height, and speculated that a previous measurement was inaccurate. A second measurement for today came in at 1/2" shorter than the first one, at that point we didn't push the issue.

Sofia was very well-behaved for most of the appointment, though she did get slightly cranky while we were waiting for the doctor. Once the doctor arrived, though, Sofia had become very comfortable in Daddy's lap and got a bit of her checkup done right there. Comfy time didn't last forever. After devouring the ingested vaccination for whatever that I can't remember, the time for needles arrived.

Sofia got five shots today for lots of things I can't recall and also for seasonal flu and H1N1. After enjoying her time with Dr. Huss we laid her on the examination table where the event went like this:

"Teehee...this is fun. Sure! I'll hold your fingers, Mommy and Daddy! YAAAAAAAY! Family cuddle time! I really like that you guys both come to my appointments when you can and..."


"...OH MY GOD. WHY?"




After Sofia was thoroughly perforated Daddy held her for a bit, and she settled down rather quickly. She also got VERY cuddly, which is not normal for her outside of her mommy time in the morning and night. Afterwards, Mommy went to work for a bit while Daddy went to a friends house to return some borrowed stuff. Sofia was very friendly with Daddy's friend Graham, as she is with most men. This will have to be addressed at some point.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New links over on the right.

I just created a Facebook page for Sofia since the Marths/Winfields have been all getting together there. Now when there's a Sofia update you guys will see it along all your other friends and family!

Also, the Twitter widget that was publishing Sofia's Twitter stuff on to this blog page started acting wonky, so I took it down. Now there is simply a Twitter link over on the right.

There should be new video soon.