Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010-12-12 Pestilence and Proper Pronunciation

The past few weeks have been rough for Sofia. She has consistently dealt with one sickness or another. The most recent ordeal was a respiratory virus that caused an ear infection. Sofia was prescribed amoxicillin, which had little effect, because it looks like she is allergic to the medicine. We learned this through a full-body rash which Sofia developed a couple of days ago. To her credit, Sofia never really even reacted to the rash, and stayed in good sprits once the respiratory virus subsided.

On the sunnier side, I discovered yesterday that Sofia has been trying to say "Mommy" for weeks now. She's been pronouncing it "bobby."

When you need to get something out of Sofia's grip, it's smartest to offer her something in return. Olan Mills gave us a sampler photo flip book, which quickly became Sofia's, and this is what I used yesterday to trade for a piece of cardboard that Sofia thought was delicious. I opened the book to a photo of Sofia and Jessica, pointed to Jessica, and asked Sofia to tell me who I was pointing at. I did this just to distract her so that I could snatch the cardboard. To my surprise, Sofia answered correctly, getting a big smile and her face and perfectly pronouncing, "Mommy!" She did it twice out of several attempts. Sofia said "bobby" in all of the other tries, which I take to mean that she's been trying to say "Mommy" every time she's said "bobby" for the last couple of weeks. This is great because Jessica was getting very tired of Sofia not saying Mommy.

That's about it for now. I'm sorry I have done such a horrible job updating the blog.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sofia, the big sister

The Peaches are pregnant again! We are all very excited and looking forward to a new member of our family. Our due date is April 4th (that is 2 days before cousin Kate’s 6th birthday), although Sofia did bless us with her presence 2 full weeks early which makes mean think that Baby #2 will maybe do the same.

We are almost half way through the pregnancy and have learned that we are expecting another girl. I could’ve sworn it was a boy, but had no preference either way. I know that Sofia will be a great big sister and can’t wait to see how helpful she is. She adores other children and makes friends everywhere she goes. It is so exciting to me that her new best friend will be her sister. Sofia is an incredibly loving and sweet child. She loves to give and receive kisses, a lot of kisses. It is very common for her to surprise hug you while passing by or even come charging across the room to plant a big kiss on your knee. She gives the doggies and kitties kisses every chance she gets and love to cuddle up on the floor with her Beagle, Mommy, or Daddy. Her loving spirit will make her a wonderful sister. I swear that Sofia is empathetic at her young age, too. When I am sick or sad or both, Sofie seems to know that I need some extra love without being extra demanding. She can feel when something is off and knows that she can help with displays of love (which always does help). Again, awesome big sister.

Sofia will be just shy of being 2 years old when her little sister is born. In preparation of a new addition to the household (and new competition for Mommy and Daddy’s attention), we have started to make some changes to help prepare Sofie. First of all, we still refer to her as “the Baby” a lot of the time. It is a moniker that she definitely knows is hers and thus the need to drop it. We don’t want her to associate any jealousy over the new baby taking her name of endearment. Plus, she is becoming a big girl and wants to be doing big girl things, like sitting at the table instead of in her high chair, helping to push the cart at the grocery store instead of riding in the kid seat, and eating her food by herself. We try to encourage her big girl moves but are finding it difficult to not call her the Baby, because she is our Baby.

If anyone can offer advice on how else we can be preparing Sofia (or ourselves), please let us know. Prayers are always welcome...

Monkey Book

Sofia really enjoys books. Books are the toys that she spends the most time playing with. It makes her Daddy and me very proud that she can entertain herself in a corner (or inside her toy box) for long lengths of time “reading” to herself.

One of her favorite books is one I picked up from the Nashville Zoo. It is a small sized board book called “What Would Monkeys Do?” It only has a few pages, but each one is filled with many bright colors and several even have shiny, reflective designs to help grab the attention of a young child. I never read the book before I bought it. In fact I never read it until Sofia, around a year old, was sitting in my lap listening to me read her new book to her. It is very informative about what monkeys like to eat and how they climb trees, etc; however the last page took me by surprise when it shows a cartoon leopard pouncing on a monkey with the informative script saying, “LOOK OUT! Leopards like to eat monkeys.” It was a bit shocking to me and I didn’t want it to frighten Sofie, so I made a funny little scream to make her laugh as I said the first part. She wasn’t afraid or taken back at all; she thought Mommy was funny and the little scream accomplished its goal in making her laugh.

A while later Sofia was sitting in her room, reading to herself. When I say reading to herself, what I mean is this: she babbles out load as she flips through the book, often copying the intonations she’s heard in the voices of the people who have spent endless hours reading the same books to her. This took on a new level of cuteness when, while reading the Monkey book, she flipped to the last page and did this, “AHHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH! Blah ba ba ba ma noma.”

Now, several months later if her Daddy, even if out of context, says, “Monkeys like to eat leopards,” Sofia will look at him with a huge grin and do her little scream of “terror” on behalf of the monkeys.

She’s been listening. All this while, she’s been listening.

One day while at work I got a text message from James who was home trying to cram in some study time while taking care of Sofia. The message made me smile, “Oh, no! Sofia’s nap wasn’t nearly long enough for my math needs. Also, I must have left the monkey book in the crib with her as I keep hearing AHHHHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH! through the monitor.”

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gorgeous drawing by the beautiful Joan

I just came across this drawing by one of my dearest friends, Joan Nixt. She had posted it on facebook, but I had somehow missed it. I melted when I saw it today. I love it, I love Sofia, and I love my friend, Joanie. Thank you, Joan, for sharing your talents and using my daughter as your model and muse for this particular piece of art.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo update!

I just added some more January photos, so check those out. I'll catch up the rest of 2010 sometime this week, a month at a time. Sorry for the gaps.

Sofia had a big day today.

Not necessarily good, just big. This is from a blog of mine. I've copied just the Sofia-related parts.

Today started out flawlessly. Sofia and I made it out to Dad's in Lavergne around nine o'clock, hoping that we could get Sofia down for her nap at home between eleven and noon. The plan was that I would mow the lawn during her nap because there was a fifty percent chance of rain later on, then we would go to Greenbrier to visit two of my grandparents, George and Diane.

Apparently there are multiple Greenbriers in Tennessee, or at least that's what the GPS that my dad gave me thinks. As I was leaving Dad's house I asked for the address of his dad's house. He didn't know the house number, but advised me that just putting "Greenbrier, TN" into the GPS would suffice. This would work under most circumstances.

In this particular instance, though, I ended up about an hour away from where I wanted to be after driving an hour and fifteen minutes. See, the GPS has two settings: "fastest route" and "shortest route." My first few trips around town taught me to trust that the GPS knows where it is going even when I think it is wrong. Even though the direction the GPS was taking me didn't seem right, I trusted it. The backroads it took Sofia and I through looked a lot like the backroads in the Greenbrier I'm used to.

Well, it took me to a Greenbrier, just not THE Greenbrier. Apparently there is an unicorporated Greenbrier. Sofia and I ended up in Cheatham County. After calling Dad and The Peaches in Real Greenbrier, I plugged in an actual address into the GPS and it told me that we were still over an hour from our destination. This wasn't a huge deal because the yard did not HAVE to get mowed on this particular day, so I didn't take it too hard, plus the scenery was very nice. I think I may have found this year's fall Fall Leaf Drive.

View Greenbriers Adventure in a larger map

Sofia did not enjoy herself. After she drank a couple of ounces of formula in the parking lot of Grumpy's Wildlife Market, we set off for our original destination. She started throwing a fit almost immediately. Sofia had been crying for five minutes before we stopped at Grumpy's, so I figured she was just mad that she'd been put back in her car seat so soon. She cried for about ten minutes, then was quiet, then cried for another ten minutes, then was quiet, then pretty much cried the rest of the hour to Real Greenbrier. Ten minutes before we arrived I reached back into her car seat to try and comfort her. She was soaking wet and sticky. I looked at my hand. It had tomato sauce on it. None of this was helped by the three drivers that chose to do thirty-five in a fifty on roads that were so curvy and rolling that there were no chances to pass. I believe the rollercoaster roads are what made Sofia throw up her lasagna lunch.

Diane greeted us on the back porch in Greenbrier, where I begged her to use her bathtub. We opened up the side door to the van, and it was BAD. Sofia's vomit had not only soaked through all her clothes but also her car seat, right down through all the padding to the bottom of the plastic and metal base. Diane and I washed Sofia in the sink and then turned her over to Great-Grandpa George, who was very happy to see her, while we disassembled the car seat in the back yard, hosed it down, and threw it in the dryer.

Spot of good luck: Diane had bought Sofia a new outfit for her birthday, so Sofia had clean clothes to put on that weren't hot pajamas!

Baby bile aside, The Peaches had a great time visiting The Peaches in Real Greenbrier. Sofia got some birthday stuff early and got to show off her new waving, walking and newspaper-reading skills. I was able to teach Diane how to load photos from her camera onto her computer and then email them, though I worry that Internet Explorer 8 might be slowing her laptop down. I need to get her a stick of RAM.

We arrived home much later than planned.
Plus: Jessica bought jabanero sauce, which can be difficult for us to find.
Minus = Sofia grabbed bottle the while in mommy's arms then dropped and broke it.
Green jabanero sauce + carpet = OH COME ON.
Plus: Jessica bought TWO bottles of jabanero! WIN!

Jessica did a great job of getting the carpet clean. I was all for just licking the mess up.

Since it never rained, I mowed the front yard and was going to mow the back but the gate to the back yard wouldn't open far enough for the mower to get through. Erosion from the recent storms washed against the fence. Time for a retainer wall. The good news was that freed up time for Sofia's first swim of the year in the neighborhood pool!

Jessica was very excited to put Sofia in her swim clothes, which don't look like swim clothes so much as they look something the Tooth Fairy would wear.

After inviting The Sanborns, who declined, we went to the pool, only to discover that our key doesn't work. This caused friction between Mrs. Peach and myself, because Mrs. Peach was very disappointed that she wouldn't be able to swim with Sofia. Luckily, a very polite but not very safety conscious lady let us in. This was almost a win at the end of the day until we discovered that Sofia had massively pooped herself, and we didn't have an extra pair of swim diapers.

Jessica and I argued over whether it was still okay for Sofia to get in (sense won out, but Jessica desperately wanted to swim with her daughter) just as a mentally handicapped young man came around the fence acting strangely, as only the mentally handicapped can. Unfortunately, at the end of this particular day I wasn't willing to leave any ambiguity as to whether his deficiencies made him dangerous or not, and handled things as as best I could. Since Sofia couldn't swim we decided to leave.

Jessica was just getting over her disappointment as we walked up to our house when The Sanborns called. They'd decided to surprise us by coming to the pool anyway, and we weren't there. Anissa and Kate came and talked with us in the driveway for a few minutes while Sofia suffered her poopy diaper.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nine Month Check Up

Sofia's nine month check up was Monday. Dr. Huss gave her another great review. She will not have another well-check until she is a full year old.

There were no vaccines administered this visit so it was pretty cut and dried. Her weight is 20 pounds 10 ounces; she's dropped into the 79th percentile. Her head has increased into the 93rd percentile; however Dr.Huss shared no concern over that. Her height has been all over the place. Her first well-check measurement at two weeks put her in the 98th percentile for height, this last measurement on Monday only registered her in the 34th percentile. Dr. Huss believes that there have been some inaccurate height measurements along the way and isn't concerned with the extreme differences in this department either.

After her appointment, James and Sofia stopped by the zoo to visit Mommy and meet some of her new staff. The weather was sunny and almost 70 degrees and a perfect day to spend outside.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday it snowed in Nashville. The zoo closed at 10:00 am and I was able to leave shortly after. The roads were already getting crazy. It's not like snowy winters back home where the DOT has the tools to assist safe travels; since Tennessee so rarely gets any substantial snowfall, we simply do not have the necessary plows, sand, salt, man-power, and other helpful tools to make the roads driver-friendly. Case in point: my residential neighborhood has yet to be cleared; it is Monday.

That is not even taking into account the ridiculous "skill" the average Tennessee driver tends to exhibit in any less-than-ideal weather. It is not uncommon for Tennesseans to abandon vehicles if weather conditions become too extreme: abandon them immediately, without bothering to pull over to the side of the road or to find a parking lot. Even though Nashvillians have driven the same roads for years, when the yellow lines disappear due to snow, they simply "forget" how many lanes a road is supposed to have and do their best to ignore all common sense. Last night, a neighbor decided to park her car in the middle of the street, in the valley between two extremely icy hills. The "other driver"is always an idiot in Tennessee and never to be trusted. You may have 100% confidence in your own winter driving abilities but will still not be able to avoid them all. You are outnumbered.

The steady, beautiful snow continued all day on Friday and into Saturday. The Nashville Zoo has remained closed and allowed me a 4 day mini-vacation at home. It has worked out really well as it has allowed me to take over primary care Sofia and free up James to spend one evening in Murfreesboro with a visiting-from-Baltimore friend and to focus on his studies. Geology seems to be taking a lot of extra effort this semester. It has allowed me to spend some quality time with my baby.

Sofia and I have done a lot of snuggling and bonding. It is a simple pleasure to pull her into bed with me in the morning to nurse. A pleasure that doesn't happen on most work days since I have a schedule to stick to. Those moments, early in the morning, are so dear to me. We nurse, drifting in and out of sleep, until Sofia decides it is time to wake up. Then we play in bed, giggling at each other, both equally amused at how funny the other one is. Sometimes James comes in to join us and we all have a rousing game of peak-a-boo under the sheets. Sofie likes to see the light change under the purple canopy of cotton, she screams in delight as the sheet gently falls back toward her face. Other bed games include: holding the cell phone when the alarm goes off and makes it light up and vibrate, pulling Mommy's hair, reaching for glasses on Mommy or Daddy's face, and a belly laugh inducing round of "eat the baby" (Daddy is the reigning champion of this one).

Yesterday Sofia and I took our first bath together. We had to deal with a little bit off pee pee (Sofia's, not mine), other than that it was delightful. We played with her Paddle Boat toys and fish squirters. After a good 20 minutes, James knocked on the bathroom door and said he wanted to come in. It was girl time. Sofia enjoyed the bath, but was a bit confused as to why I was in there with her.

We also played in the snow on Sunday. I was feeling a bit of cabin fever and needed to leave the house so James suggested going over to the Sanborns. All of us played in their backyard. We went sledding down their hill 'Tennessee Style": using a cardboard box as our sled. It actually worked pretty well at first but became less efficient as time wore on. Sofia tried her first taste of snow (much to Daddy's displeasure); Anissa and I thought it might feel good on her aching gums. Kate played so hard that her hair was drenched from sweat, not snow, under her hat. It was nice to take some family photos with such lovely backgrounds.

This morning Sofia has been a dream. She's been in the best mood: very playful and full of smiles. She's been very vocal today, by far the loudest she has ever been. Screams of delight, laughs, babbles, and taunts to the dogs have filled our household all morning long. It hasn't been the most productive for James' studying, cuteness tends to be distracting, so he's leaving the house soon to go to the library.

I love snow days. I'll take the bad drivers if it means I get to enjoy all the rest.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Videos

I added two new videos to Sofia's You Tube page. Will hopefully have more soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No more chicken...

Sofia likes food. She has always been a good eater and truly enjoys trying new flavors (after that first shocking taste of something new, that is). We have only found one thing that she does not like and unfortunately it is a staple in the Peach household: chicken.

Sofia is so agreeable that even though she strongly dislikes any of the baby food made with chicken, she will continue to eat it, grimacing the entire time. Bless her heart, she even gags multiple times through a jar (even the one with sweet potato mixed in). Eager to please, she'll still open her mouth ready for the next bite that will make her shudder with distaste.

I think it's pretty funny. I do feel bad that I think it's funny.

I hope she learns to appreciate chicken because we eat a lot of it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Tooth

Sofia's first tooth cut through on Wednesday (Janaury 20). She had a wonderful day and was in the best mood! I didn't notice the little white tooth until feeding her supper that night. I was very proud and couldn't wait for James to come home so we could show Daddy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yesterday was a big day for new stuff.


Sofia had a few firsts yesterday. She had her first finger food, debuted a new smile, started babbling while opening and closing her mouth, and we finally caught her reacting negatively to baby food. She also tore down and got tangled in her play mat, and visited aunt Anissa.

Click here for Sofia's photos from 01.09, but also poke around on the photo site for the loads of photos I've uploaded of Sofia from the last couple of weeks.