Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo update!

I just added some more January photos, so check those out. I'll catch up the rest of 2010 sometime this week, a month at a time. Sorry for the gaps.

Sofia had a big day today.

Not necessarily good, just big. This is from a blog of mine. I've copied just the Sofia-related parts.

Today started out flawlessly. Sofia and I made it out to Dad's in Lavergne around nine o'clock, hoping that we could get Sofia down for her nap at home between eleven and noon. The plan was that I would mow the lawn during her nap because there was a fifty percent chance of rain later on, then we would go to Greenbrier to visit two of my grandparents, George and Diane.

Apparently there are multiple Greenbriers in Tennessee, or at least that's what the GPS that my dad gave me thinks. As I was leaving Dad's house I asked for the address of his dad's house. He didn't know the house number, but advised me that just putting "Greenbrier, TN" into the GPS would suffice. This would work under most circumstances.

In this particular instance, though, I ended up about an hour away from where I wanted to be after driving an hour and fifteen minutes. See, the GPS has two settings: "fastest route" and "shortest route." My first few trips around town taught me to trust that the GPS knows where it is going even when I think it is wrong. Even though the direction the GPS was taking me didn't seem right, I trusted it. The backroads it took Sofia and I through looked a lot like the backroads in the Greenbrier I'm used to.

Well, it took me to a Greenbrier, just not THE Greenbrier. Apparently there is an unicorporated Greenbrier. Sofia and I ended up in Cheatham County. After calling Dad and The Peaches in Real Greenbrier, I plugged in an actual address into the GPS and it told me that we were still over an hour from our destination. This wasn't a huge deal because the yard did not HAVE to get mowed on this particular day, so I didn't take it too hard, plus the scenery was very nice. I think I may have found this year's fall Fall Leaf Drive.

View Greenbriers Adventure in a larger map

Sofia did not enjoy herself. After she drank a couple of ounces of formula in the parking lot of Grumpy's Wildlife Market, we set off for our original destination. She started throwing a fit almost immediately. Sofia had been crying for five minutes before we stopped at Grumpy's, so I figured she was just mad that she'd been put back in her car seat so soon. She cried for about ten minutes, then was quiet, then cried for another ten minutes, then was quiet, then pretty much cried the rest of the hour to Real Greenbrier. Ten minutes before we arrived I reached back into her car seat to try and comfort her. She was soaking wet and sticky. I looked at my hand. It had tomato sauce on it. None of this was helped by the three drivers that chose to do thirty-five in a fifty on roads that were so curvy and rolling that there were no chances to pass. I believe the rollercoaster roads are what made Sofia throw up her lasagna lunch.

Diane greeted us on the back porch in Greenbrier, where I begged her to use her bathtub. We opened up the side door to the van, and it was BAD. Sofia's vomit had not only soaked through all her clothes but also her car seat, right down through all the padding to the bottom of the plastic and metal base. Diane and I washed Sofia in the sink and then turned her over to Great-Grandpa George, who was very happy to see her, while we disassembled the car seat in the back yard, hosed it down, and threw it in the dryer.

Spot of good luck: Diane had bought Sofia a new outfit for her birthday, so Sofia had clean clothes to put on that weren't hot pajamas!

Baby bile aside, The Peaches had a great time visiting The Peaches in Real Greenbrier. Sofia got some birthday stuff early and got to show off her new waving, walking and newspaper-reading skills. I was able to teach Diane how to load photos from her camera onto her computer and then email them, though I worry that Internet Explorer 8 might be slowing her laptop down. I need to get her a stick of RAM.

We arrived home much later than planned.
Plus: Jessica bought jabanero sauce, which can be difficult for us to find.
Minus = Sofia grabbed bottle the while in mommy's arms then dropped and broke it.
Green jabanero sauce + carpet = OH COME ON.
Plus: Jessica bought TWO bottles of jabanero! WIN!

Jessica did a great job of getting the carpet clean. I was all for just licking the mess up.

Since it never rained, I mowed the front yard and was going to mow the back but the gate to the back yard wouldn't open far enough for the mower to get through. Erosion from the recent storms washed against the fence. Time for a retainer wall. The good news was that freed up time for Sofia's first swim of the year in the neighborhood pool!

Jessica was very excited to put Sofia in her swim clothes, which don't look like swim clothes so much as they look something the Tooth Fairy would wear.

After inviting The Sanborns, who declined, we went to the pool, only to discover that our key doesn't work. This caused friction between Mrs. Peach and myself, because Mrs. Peach was very disappointed that she wouldn't be able to swim with Sofia. Luckily, a very polite but not very safety conscious lady let us in. This was almost a win at the end of the day until we discovered that Sofia had massively pooped herself, and we didn't have an extra pair of swim diapers.

Jessica and I argued over whether it was still okay for Sofia to get in (sense won out, but Jessica desperately wanted to swim with her daughter) just as a mentally handicapped young man came around the fence acting strangely, as only the mentally handicapped can. Unfortunately, at the end of this particular day I wasn't willing to leave any ambiguity as to whether his deficiencies made him dangerous or not, and handled things as as best I could. Since Sofia couldn't swim we decided to leave.

Jessica was just getting over her disappointment as we walked up to our house when The Sanborns called. They'd decided to surprise us by coming to the pool anyway, and we weren't there. Anissa and Kate came and talked with us in the driveway for a few minutes while Sofia suffered her poopy diaper.