Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sofia, the big sister

The Peaches are pregnant again! We are all very excited and looking forward to a new member of our family. Our due date is April 4th (that is 2 days before cousin Kate’s 6th birthday), although Sofia did bless us with her presence 2 full weeks early which makes mean think that Baby #2 will maybe do the same.

We are almost half way through the pregnancy and have learned that we are expecting another girl. I could’ve sworn it was a boy, but had no preference either way. I know that Sofia will be a great big sister and can’t wait to see how helpful she is. She adores other children and makes friends everywhere she goes. It is so exciting to me that her new best friend will be her sister. Sofia is an incredibly loving and sweet child. She loves to give and receive kisses, a lot of kisses. It is very common for her to surprise hug you while passing by or even come charging across the room to plant a big kiss on your knee. She gives the doggies and kitties kisses every chance she gets and love to cuddle up on the floor with her Beagle, Mommy, or Daddy. Her loving spirit will make her a wonderful sister. I swear that Sofia is empathetic at her young age, too. When I am sick or sad or both, Sofie seems to know that I need some extra love without being extra demanding. She can feel when something is off and knows that she can help with displays of love (which always does help). Again, awesome big sister.

Sofia will be just shy of being 2 years old when her little sister is born. In preparation of a new addition to the household (and new competition for Mommy and Daddy’s attention), we have started to make some changes to help prepare Sofie. First of all, we still refer to her as “the Baby” a lot of the time. It is a moniker that she definitely knows is hers and thus the need to drop it. We don’t want her to associate any jealousy over the new baby taking her name of endearment. Plus, she is becoming a big girl and wants to be doing big girl things, like sitting at the table instead of in her high chair, helping to push the cart at the grocery store instead of riding in the kid seat, and eating her food by herself. We try to encourage her big girl moves but are finding it difficult to not call her the Baby, because she is our Baby.

If anyone can offer advice on how else we can be preparing Sofia (or ourselves), please let us know. Prayers are always welcome...

Monkey Book

Sofia really enjoys books. Books are the toys that she spends the most time playing with. It makes her Daddy and me very proud that she can entertain herself in a corner (or inside her toy box) for long lengths of time “reading” to herself.

One of her favorite books is one I picked up from the Nashville Zoo. It is a small sized board book called “What Would Monkeys Do?” It only has a few pages, but each one is filled with many bright colors and several even have shiny, reflective designs to help grab the attention of a young child. I never read the book before I bought it. In fact I never read it until Sofia, around a year old, was sitting in my lap listening to me read her new book to her. It is very informative about what monkeys like to eat and how they climb trees, etc; however the last page took me by surprise when it shows a cartoon leopard pouncing on a monkey with the informative script saying, “LOOK OUT! Leopards like to eat monkeys.” It was a bit shocking to me and I didn’t want it to frighten Sofie, so I made a funny little scream to make her laugh as I said the first part. She wasn’t afraid or taken back at all; she thought Mommy was funny and the little scream accomplished its goal in making her laugh.

A while later Sofia was sitting in her room, reading to herself. When I say reading to herself, what I mean is this: she babbles out load as she flips through the book, often copying the intonations she’s heard in the voices of the people who have spent endless hours reading the same books to her. This took on a new level of cuteness when, while reading the Monkey book, she flipped to the last page and did this, “AHHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH! Blah ba ba ba ma noma.”

Now, several months later if her Daddy, even if out of context, says, “Monkeys like to eat leopards,” Sofia will look at him with a huge grin and do her little scream of “terror” on behalf of the monkeys.

She’s been listening. All this while, she’s been listening.

One day while at work I got a text message from James who was home trying to cram in some study time while taking care of Sofia. The message made me smile, “Oh, no! Sofia’s nap wasn’t nearly long enough for my math needs. Also, I must have left the monkey book in the crib with her as I keep hearing AHHHHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH! through the monitor.”