Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010-12-12 Pestilence and Proper Pronunciation

The past few weeks have been rough for Sofia. She has consistently dealt with one sickness or another. The most recent ordeal was a respiratory virus that caused an ear infection. Sofia was prescribed amoxicillin, which had little effect, because it looks like she is allergic to the medicine. We learned this through a full-body rash which Sofia developed a couple of days ago. To her credit, Sofia never really even reacted to the rash, and stayed in good sprits once the respiratory virus subsided.

On the sunnier side, I discovered yesterday that Sofia has been trying to say "Mommy" for weeks now. She's been pronouncing it "bobby."

When you need to get something out of Sofia's grip, it's smartest to offer her something in return. Olan Mills gave us a sampler photo flip book, which quickly became Sofia's, and this is what I used yesterday to trade for a piece of cardboard that Sofia thought was delicious. I opened the book to a photo of Sofia and Jessica, pointed to Jessica, and asked Sofia to tell me who I was pointing at. I did this just to distract her so that I could snatch the cardboard. To my surprise, Sofia answered correctly, getting a big smile and her face and perfectly pronouncing, "Mommy!" She did it twice out of several attempts. Sofia said "bobby" in all of the other tries, which I take to mean that she's been trying to say "Mommy" every time she's said "bobby" for the last couple of weeks. This is great because Jessica was getting very tired of Sofia not saying Mommy.

That's about it for now. I'm sorry I have done such a horrible job updating the blog.


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