Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still pushing through

4/21/11 9:45 am

Nadia is still doing pretty well but did cause her parents some concern last night. She kept us awake a lot as she was seemed so uncomfortable. The stronger she gets, the more she realizes that she’s really hungry, and the more pissed she’s getting that no one is helping her eat.

James and I left the hospital for an hour or so last night so he could download some things he needed for class today. When we got back we noticed that the dressing on her side (from the former belly drain) was completely saturated. The nurse changed the dressing and showed us the wick (some gauze packed into the hole to allow continued draining), she seemed unconcerned that the dressing had soaked through. I held Nadia for 45 minutes and went to change her diaper before putting her back into her nest for the night. The dressing was already soaked through again and had leaked into her diaper and onto the blanket I had wrapped around her while holding her. We called the nurse and requested that the doctor on duty come look at it. Admittedly, James and I may be a little gun shy at this point, but it concerned us that her coagulatives were up yesterday morning and she seemed to be bleeding, the wound dressing had not been saturated with blood since they removed the tube 36+ hours earlier, her belly girth had increased slightly, and they had given her a blood transfusion earlier in the day because her counts were not right. The attendee came into the room and said that the drainage was a good thing but that there was cause for concern that it was so tinged with blood (remember the drainage from her belly tube was yellow, this was very dark red). He ordered platelets and had Surgery come look at it (they said it looked fine but that a stitch could be added if needed).

Nadia was pretty inconsolable throughout the night. She never really fell into a deep sleep. She’d drift off only to awaken 20-30 minutes later screaming out. The pacifier made her angry when it didn’t produce any milk. Sometimes music would help, sometime the paci would help, sometimes holding her would calm her, sometimes stroking her hair would get results…sometimes not. Extra prayers requested for James today who went to school this morning after being stressed and awake all night trying to calm Nadia.

This morning, Nadia’s weight is down to 6 pounds, 13 ounces. Her belly girth is down t 34 ½ centimeters. The dressing is still a concern. They are not going to do the suction biopsy again today. James expressed our concerns to Dr. Mace this morning in rounds, who seemed surprised by the amount of blood coming from her side’s wicking. Back when her drain was first put in, they had warned us about the fluid coming off too quickly and her internal organs not settling correctly. It was this that concerned James the most since Nadia is obviously much more uncomfortable than she has been. Dr. Mace listened to the concerns and agreed that it is worth looking into. She ordered another x-ray and ultrasound to be able to see what is going on inside her (normal looking at 34+ centimeters) belly. She also ordered some extra labs be done on her blood this morning to see exactly what’s going on with her clotting.

I am leaving the hospital today to spend some time with Sofia. The nurse will call me with any emergencies or simple updates. I will update tonight when I get back to the hospital as to what we find out.

Please pray for Nadia’s comfort and peaceful rest as well as Daddy’s ability to remain alert and focused as he finishes this semester with so much else going on.


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  1. Jess, I am so sorry that she had a rough night. Hoping today is better. We have been praying for you all every night in bedtime prayers! Katie thinks Nadia is the cutest baby EVER! I am here if you need me! Prayers for Nadia, Daddy and you, Mommy!