Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nadia's Recent Early Intervention Appointment

We had a lovely appointment with a coach referred to us through TEIS on Wednesday. When we wrote our IFSP (our goals) we were offered coaching once per week. James and I decided that right now once a week was too often for Nadia and her development, that as she got older and her needs became more apparent then the frequency of the coaching could increase. Right now, Nads is conquering the most basic baby milestones and we decided that meeting with a coach once a month will be sufficient.

Our coach, Katie, was on time and cheerful the moment she stepped in the door. Sofia took to her right away and instantly invited her back to her bedroom to show her the “tree, clouds, tree!” We moved to the living room and laid Nadia out on her playmate (Sofia climbed into Katie’s lap to be right in the middle of it). After some time on her back, we moved onto sitting in her bumbo. Our coach showed us how to sit the bumbo right on the play mat so that the same hanging toys could be used in another way (reaching out instead of up). She showed us how to roll a towel length-wise and tuck it in front of Nadia’s belly and tucked all the way behind her shoulders to help her fit a little better in her bumbo. The towel also helped to keep her elbow more elevated and not pinned at her sides which assists greatly in her success at reaching. We moved back onto the play mat for some tummy time. The coach showed us how to place Nadia on a rolled up towel or even a boppy (the DS clinic physical therapist warned us that boppys are too tall for tummy time and may do too much of the work for the child) underneath Nadia’s chest to assist her in getting up on her arms. We placed a mirror on the floor and all enjoyed watching how interested she became in herself. She did a lot of reaching for the mirror. The final thing we did with our coach on this visit was some play time on Nadia’s side to help encourage her cross-over reaching. Nadia has become really good at holding her hands together, this exercise helps her to bring them together and extend them forward. Our coach was very impressed by Nadia. At one point she looked at us and said, “…she is way exceeding any expectation I had for her age”. Nadia is an amazing little girl. Even though she is only four months old, you ca see the determination brewing in her eyes. It is a bit humbling to see what she has already accomplished despite the odds.

Sofia was a very good toddler during the visit. James finally gave her the Flip Video to play with so she would give the coach a bit more space to focus on Nadia. We have several very cute little videos that she took that morning. She also read her bible during the session and amused everyone by excitedly pointing out a cartoon drawing of David and Goliath and saying, “Giant [pointing to Goliath], Mama Hair-do! Mama Hair-do! [pointing to David]”. She points it out every time she reads it. It is time for a new hair style when my two year old thinks that my hair strongly resembles that of a 2500 year old prepubescent Israelite.

Katie is trained in infant massage and promised to teach us some techniques on her next visit. Since Nadia has questionable GI issues, we’ll focus first on learning some massage techniques that will aid with digestion and her reflux. Yeah, fun! Nadia loves to be pampered so I’m sure she will enjoy the benefits.

We also learned a little bit about the Buddy Walk. It is a walk here in Nashville to help raise awareness about Down syndrome and money for DSAMT (Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee). Count us in! We will officially be participating on Team Nadia Hope. We’ve been wanting to get involved with DSAMT so this is a great time to do it. The Buddy Walk is October 22 in Centennial Park. I’m sure there will be many more posts as we learn more about it and get closer to the event.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tummy Time Photos

Head Control. She's getting stronger every day.

Nadia's smiles light my world. You can't help but feel so special when one is directed at you. She is a blessing.

New Videos

Nadia has become quite the smiling queen. She has started to laugh and it sounds like a little honk. Warms my heart more than anything.

A few pictures

Sofia's first ever pigtails!

Sofia came out of the bedroom very proud of herself for putting on Mommy's socks all by herself. She's a big girl.

A multitasking Mommy just for fun.

Sofia's 2nd birthday haul. She had a wonderful day with all of her grandparents and the Sanborns.

A few pictures

Sofia likes to read to Nadia

Tummy Time for two. Sofia is always there to encourage her sister!

Nadia adores her big sister. She has special smiles reserved only for Sofia.

The Peach girls with all of their grandparents
L to R: Gary and Sandy Marth, Sally and Matt Fischer, George and Twanna Peach. This was Maw Maw T's first time holding Nadia :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Setting up a new photo site for the family.

For a couple of years, we've had a Flickr Pro account under Sofia's name. That's not going to work for the future, because most people who want to check in on Sofia are going to want to check in on Nadia. Many of those same people will want to see photos of Jessica and I, too. So we're just going to make a big family photo account at Flickr instead.

It will take some time to migrate everything from the old Sofia account, so please be patient. For the new account, just click "PHOTOS" at the top of the page.