Sunday, October 2, 2011

Peach Family Update Extravaganza

It's Autumn, which means it's time for the quarterly family blog entry! 

Nadia is now six months old. We are celebrating with a battery of doctors visits! The Peaches are very thankful that this is not a normal part of our lives any more, yet vigilant in the hopes that doctor visits will never be a normal part of our lives again. Nadia's second Down Syndrome clinic happened on the twenty-second. It consisted of Nadia staying in one room while nutritionists, physical therapists, motor skills experts and more come to her over the course of a couple of hours. The moment she walked in the room the first visitor, a motor skills expert, asked us about Nadia's head. Not even her department. Jessica and I were saddened that Nadia's head shape was that far off but also pleased that it was brought up so early. It was good to know that people pay attention to such things. The general stuff from the clinic was great, as expected, but we have set up an appointment to get Nadia a special helmet for shaping her head properly. Jessica looked into the matter a bit and learned that six months is a great age to start such a helmet. The helmet appointment is in a week. This week Nadia also has her general six-month pediatrician appointment, a hearing test appointment, and a third appointment of ambiguous necessity. 

***UPDATE*** That third appointment was not necessary at all, the general appointment went fine, and the hearing test was inconclusive. At the hearing appointment we were asked if Nadia has been making consonant sounds yet, and we said that she had not. She has been doing so quite a bit ever since. 

In other recent Nadia news, she has become an unstoppable rolling machine. Sorta. She almost refuses to stay on her back, but has yet to master rolling off of her stomach. This means that she runs out of gas while on her tummy and slams her face into the floor over and over again, getting very frustrated, which makes her even more tired and less likely to roll onto her back from her stomach. That's normal, for those that don't know. Actually, Nadia's developmental milestones have not been very far behind Sofia's at all, which we know only because Jessica was great at putting everything in Sofia's baby book along the way. 

We have not been as good at doing Nadia's book. 

In general, Nadia's progress is incredible. She is healthy. Maybe a little too healthy. We've been told she is gaining weight at. . .an exceptional pace. Perhaps not the area for overachieving. 

Nadia had her first visit with my father's mother, Shirley Moore aka MeeMaw, this past Saturday. It was wonderful. Nadia and MeeMaw got along famously, Sofia got to play with her cousin Abby and her Mawmaw T and her Grandpa George, Grandpa George got to show off some photography skills, and I got to feel less horrible as a grandson for finally making it happen. 

Sofia is huge and brilliant and three-quarters insane most of the time. She is constantly showing off things she learned from God knows where. A few weeks ago, Sofia went from nearly no potty-training success to several successes a day. During the last visit to Grandpa George's, she impressed everyone by noticing a training potty buried under other various clutter, dragging it into the kitchen, and getting down to business where everyone could see. Unfortunately the potty is one of those that play music loudly when it senses, er, success, and it scared her. 

I can't list all of the words Sofia learns every week. She can instantly identify robots on television whether they look like a robot or not. Her current favorite show is Go, Diego, Go! Quesadillas and pizza are interchangeable, as far as Sofia is concerned. She cheers whenever Nadia rolls over and then pulls Nadia's arms out from under her. Every night that I put her to bed, I ask her what her favorite part of the day was. Usually it is a person. If Sofia gets to visit with Anissa at all, Anissa ends up being her favorite part of the day for three nights in a row. Her current obsession is playgrounds. She wakes up asking about the possibility of working playgrounds into the day. 

Jessica and I are mostly doing the same stuff  we've been doing for months, trying to put together a good future for ourselves and our girls. We struggle to remember and act like we are married to each other, and not just parents. Work is kicking Jessica's ass and school / the girls are kicking mine. I completely dropped the ball on getting the comic project printed for a local convention. 

Flavor and Attie are feeling left out and they are letting everyone know. 

We are all very thankful for the support of our family. Absolutely everyone makes a huge effort in their own way. I have no idea how people make families work when they have to do so without the support of loved ones. We are humbled by the love of others. 


  1. i follow these unfailingly, even if occasionally a bit late. i love your perspective on life.

    and we need a Peach-Casey family dinner event, sooner, rather than later. agree?

  2. You are all terrific!!! Kicking butts, positively!!!

  3. How cute!!!! Glad everything is going well! I think Greyson is going to need a helmet as well; he has a flat spot on one side of his head.

  4. I played video for Grampa Gary and he smiled/chuckled as he listened to Nadia working so hard saying mommy and succeeding, too! He loved hearing about Sofia's experience with potty chair and we always enjoy hearing from her (on phone).