Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year in Photos: April Continued

Apparently I missed some April stuff in the last post. 

Part of the way through the hospital stay, which was five weeks, Jessica's parents came down to Tennessee from Iowa to help with Sofia, the house, the dogs, and morale in general. They had just been down, and the Peaches were very touched. Jessica's brother Chris and his girlfriend Dee Metrick had been planning for months to stay with The Peaches when Dee came down to run in the Music City Marathon. I know it was odd for them to come down during such difficult circumstances, but Jessica and I were very excited to see them, and very happy to have them close in the middle of our storm. From the night that we took Nadia to the emergency room to Sofia staying with my mom to Sofia staying with Jessica's parents to Chris and Dee visiting and staying in our home...

It is just now fully hitting me how much of a team effort the hospital stay was. Jessica and I felt like soldiers for enduring a month in the children's hospital, but now I understand that the hospital stay was actually a luxury. Yes, it was hard to be woken up every three hours for updates on Nadia's progress, to be present for every one of her blood draws, to continue with college, etc., but it would have been much worse to not be at the hospital at all. If Jessica and I didn't have lots of people to help with Sofia during our hard time, we would have been further from Nadia's situation than we could tolerate. No matter how hard the hospital stay was, it was better than not staying at the hospital, and we owe that luxury to our family.

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