Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012-08-18 Nadia's still in the hospital.

Nadia's previous rough night stayed tough through morning. Her IV line stopped working properly in the middle of the night, so we scheduled for a repair at 4:45 AM. After Nadia's blood draw, she slept on the couch with mommy a bit longer.

I left to get Sofia from Anissa's house at 7:30 AM. I took Sofia home, and she watched television while I napped as much as I could until Nana arrived around 11. Grandpa George arrived shortly after. We talked and ate until Grandpa George left and I showered. Then I left to get an oil change, but it was Saturday, and Precision Auto Tune was packed.

During doctor rounds, one of the doctors came over to Jessica and squeezed her hand. She was a doctor who worked with Nadia's case last year, and she remembered us. Jessica says that we were fortunate to have that particular doctor, because she was able to correct a misconception or misreading of Nadia's chart. I think Jessica said that the head doctor on the rounds got the chain of events from last year wrong, but I don't remember the details. The doctors said that Nadia's white blood cells had increased, and that we are looking at two straight days of no fever and a high enough white cell count before we can leave. They also said that Nadia's sodium levels were a bit low. The doctors agreed that Nadia is more than likely fighting a virus, but that erring on the cautious side is smartest, since Nadia is treated as a cancer survivor. Assumptions would be bad.

Sofia started out her day with a rather weak appetite, but no fever.Given the sodium levels and Nadia's lack of appetite, Jessica switched Nadia to pedialyte.

To break the boredom, I took Nadia to the play room for Pod A. Pod A patients can only use that play room, since the air is controlled. Nadia got to play drums with her new friend Asher! So did I. I spoke with Asher's father, Scott, and we both recorded the kids.

In the afternoon, Mommy napped with Nadia, who was acting much more pleasant than the afternoon before, while Daddy ate lunch and read.

In the evening, I prevented the previous night's scheduling mistakes by keeping Nadia up until eleven. This seemed like a bad idea around nine, when Nadia started acting sleepy, but she got a big burst of energy once she was in bed with Jessica and I. She was very happy to get to cuddle with everyone, and didn't want it to end.

By eleven, though, she was dooooooooooooooooone. So were Jessica and I. 

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