Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nadia's back in the hospital.

I'm not dating or starting a day count in the title here, because I am fighting to resist the flashbacks to the last time Nadia was in the hospital. I'm not doing well with it.

Nadia started running a fever of 102 Wednesday night. I emailed the doctor's office, and a nurse replied that we should bring Nadia in on Thursday if

1) she didn't sleep
2) her temperature maintained or worsened
3) her urine output decreased

Non of those things happened. Nadia had a temperature of 101 first thing in the morning, and it lowered to 100 later that morning. The doctor and I decided to hold off on the appointment.

Later that afternoon, Nadia rose to 102 again, and then to 103. I made an appointment for Friday morning.

At 4:30 Friday morning, Nadia started hacking. Her stomach was very loud during the hacking. She vomited up some greenish liquid, but no food or drink from the night before. I took a picture of it to show the doctor.

Four Peaches went to the appointment, in two cars. Jessica was just stopping in before work. Nadia was still in her pajamas, because the appointment was at 8:15, and I wanted her to sleep as late as possible. I packed a bottle of milk for her to drink once we were there.

We saw a different doctor from Nadia's normal one, because Nadia's usual doctor is in a different building on Fridays, I think. Dr. Steigelfest did all the easier checks on Nadia, and saw the same thing I did. No apparent symptoms. Nadia was in a great mood. I showed the doctor the vomit picture.

The doctor did not like the vomit picture. She ordered blood tests, urine tests, and x-rays.

There was an announcement over the very loud intercom about an upcoming test of the emergency system. I told Jessica that we were destined for the hospital. Last year, at Nadia's first appointment after leaving her birth stay, there were tornado warnings which forced everyone into the hallways. We were there for a very long time, before being sent home. That night was when Nadia got very, very sick, and we went back to the hospital for five weeks.

While we waited for results, I fed Nadia her bottle. Nadia paid it back, with interest. A nurse brought me a scrub shirt that was too small for me.

The urine tests were negative, the x-rays showed only poop, but the blood tests showed very low white blood cell counts for Nadia. At the last check three months ago, she was at 7000. Yesterday, she was 2100. There was another count that I can't remember how to spell which was also below some cutoff point.

Since we had a blood appointment at the hospital scheduled for the next week already, and since the counts were so low, Dr. Steigelfest  contacted the hematology/oncology department at the hospital. They needed to know, and if things were tolerable, we could possibly not have to go to the next week's appointment.

Hem/Onc told Dr. Steigelfest that they needed Nadia to be there. Dr. Steigelfest told us. The counts weren't disastrous, but since it was a Friday, it was smartest to have Nadia close for the weekend.

Jessica took Nadia to the hospital. I took Sofia to The Sanborns', then gathered some things from home, fed the dogs, dropped more clothes off for Sofia, and headed to the hospital.

It got bad for me alone in the car. Once we were in a room at the hospital, and the nurse started asking questions, Jessica turned to me, because I've spent the most time with Nadia. I nodded for Jessica to answer instead, because I was having a hard time holding it together, and I was afraid that speaking would wreck my efforts.

I got better, eventually.

All the nurses love Nadia. Nadia does not love any of the nurses. She did, however, like the play room in our pod on the sixth floor.

The night was rough. Nadia was obviously done for the day around nine, but she just couldn't get comfortable. She had an IV line in her arm, which was covered by a cast thing, which was covered with a sock, because Nadia kept trying to bite it off. The sock made Nadia's crawling difficult. In her worst moments of sleepy anger, Nadia managed to big a small chuck of her thumb out. We put a bandage over her thumb, she she tried to chew it off. I asked the nurse for Orajel, but the she and the doctor said that she strongly advises against it, because it take oxygen away from red blood cells. Since Pod A on the sixth floor is all blood-related, this is particularly serious. I told the  doctor and nurse that we would tough it out to get Nadia asleep.

We cuddled with Nadia to try and keep her comfortable. Once she finally got to sleep, the nurse who was just in came in to give her antibiotics.

The nurse who was just in.

When I said we were fighting to get her to sleep.

Later, I asked the nurse to please tell me to just keep Nadia awake, if she knew she was going to come right back and wake her up.

We gave Nadia a bottle of milk to calm her down. Nadia gave it right back. Changes of sheets, clothes, and IV dressing.

Eventually we did all sleep.

I'll tell you about today sometime tomorrow.

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